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getnakedbaby's Journal

Everyone Get Naked!
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All Members
This community is for people to post photographs of their bodies, clothed, naked, or any state in between!

» To view the posts here, you must be a member of this community.
» You must be over 18 to be a member.
» Your full date of birth needs to be displayed in your user info so I can tell you are over 18.
» If your account is shown to be in 'deletion' mode (with a line through your account name), you will be removed from the community.
» Photographs must be of you or someone who you have permission from to post their photo. No pro models or porn site photos please.
» If your entry contains more than one picture, put the additional pictures behind an lj-cut.
» Please indicate on the lj-cut text whether your photos are from a male or female poster.
» "Be excellent to each other". Mean and nasty people will be removed from the community.

For free image hosting, try these sites:

Spread the word, get people to join this community! The more the merrier!

This community is maintained by corwinnx, feel free to add me on messenger or LJ!

My communities are: getnakedbaby, prideinpartsxxx, yahoo_sex and msn_sex